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The Politics of Division

Does the average American hold to a consistent ideological policy on every issue? Does the average

Donna Imson – Role Model For Irs

Donna Imson Life was not easy for Donna Imson but she made her on ways to

Body Language in American Politics

When George Washington crossed the Delaware, according to the famous painting, he was showing a body

Biggest sport scandals of the decade

Some of the biggest sports headlines of the last ten years haven’t concerned events taking place

Politics in Modern Africa

Africa is a mosaic of natural wonder, cultural richness, and sundry ecological features; nonetheless, it stands

Email Bundle: Emails Made Smarter


American Presidential Politics – A Vew from the North

For a Canadian looking across our southern border in a pre-presidential election year, by far the

Irs Crackdown On Classification

Independent Contractor or Employee?The answer to this question is one that is being looked at very

Partisan Politics Is Destroying America

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott F ParadisNewton’s third law of motion states that for every action there

IRS Help for Musicians ? Learn Your IRS benefits and Land Your Big Break Part I

Rocking Out: It ‘hard to do in the entertainment world. If you’re a musician, could be